Thursday, April 25, 2013

Romantic Era Fashion Plates - 1837 Ladies Pocket Magazine

Romantic Era Fashion Plates - 1837 Ladies Pocket Magazine

English Fashions and Novelties

London Walking Dress - Robe of one of the new Spring muslins, a white ground with yellow stripes; it is finished by an embroidered border. Canizon of clear muslin made high and close to the shape, with a round full cape of a very novel form, embroidered round the border. The sleeves quite tight at the lower part of the arm and on the shoulder, are ornamented in the centre with double bouffants. Hat of very fine Leghorn straw, lined with quadrilled gauze, and trimmed with green figured gauze ribbon and a sprig of flowers.

London Evening Dress - White tulle robe over a blue gros de Naples slip, the corsage is trimmed with a superb blond lace flounce, headed by a row of blond lace turning upwards: the effect is very novel. Corsage cut low and square, seamed at the sides and pointed at the bottom; it is trimmed in a novel stile with blond lace and coques of white ribbon round the top, and a row of lace is set on round the bottom of the waist. Three double biass falls set on with moderate fulness in the volan, stile decorate the short sleeve. The hair arranged in a knot of Apollo behind, and in soft braids at the sides, is decorated with a wreath of wild flowers, a sprig of foliage descending from it droops upon the neck.

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